Home Care Nurses

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Home Care Nurses
Experience : 2 Year
Full Time
Qualification : HAAD License
Job Posted : 2 years ago

Job Details

Nurses should be flexible in clients handling. 
Expertise in tracheotomy care, suctioning, ventilating, and rehabilitation of patients required. 
Nurses will be responsible for the Care of Newborn Babies, Elderly, Post-Operation, Pregnant Woman, Special Needs, Pain Management, General Medical Cases. 

I.Newborn, Pre term, Toddler care and management 
»?Proper positioning 
»?Storage of breastmilk 
»?Importance of burping 
b.Bottle Feeding 
»?Proper handling and handwashing 
d.Challenging Behaviors Managements 
e. Psycho social development 
f.Psycho sexual development 

II.Care for Elderly 
Principles in elderly care 
»?Basics hygiene for elderly and continence care 
»?Lifting techniques 
»?Communication skills technique towards elderly 
»?Activities and exercises for elderly 

III.Care for Post- operative client 
»?Wound care and treatment 
»?Assistance in ambulation 
»?Health and safety issues 
»?Nutrition and eating plans 
»?Exercise regimens 

IV.Care for pregnant women 
a.Nutrition and well-being during pregnancy 
b.Pregnancy discomforts 
c.Pregnancy complications and its management 
»?Preterm labor 
»?Ectopic pregnancy 
»?Preeclampsia/ Eclampsia 
»?Gestational Diabetes 
»?Placenta previa 
»?Abruptio placenta 
d.Care before, during and after childbirth 

V.Care for pain management 
»?Treatment Overview 
»?Symptoms and types 
»?Drug therapy 
»?Alternative therapy 

VI.Care for patient with special needs 
a.Developmental and physical disabilities 
»?Down Syndrome 
»?Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 
»?Cerebral Palsy 
»?Alzheimerâ??s disease 
b.Behavior management techniques 
c.Caring for specialized equipment 
d.Special diet or feeding techniques 
e.Working with therapist and specialist 
f.Mobility, self-help and independent living 

VII.Care for general medical cases 
»?Hospital to home 
»?Diabetes management 
»?Stroke recovery care 
»?Medications/ Injections administration (as per Doctors order) 

VIII.Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 

Home Care Nurse (New born, Pediatric, General Cases) 

Duties and Responsibilities:
â?¢Change diapers and clothing 
â?¢Feed, burp and settle the new born back to sleep, 
â?¢Bathe the baby and cleaning the umbilical cord. 
â?¢Organize baby supplies and ensure that the nursery is tidy and clean. 
â?¢Trained the baby sleep pattern appropriate to his/her age. 
â?¢Identify changes in a childâ??s signs and symptoms and intervene in emergent situations. 
â?¢Maintain privacy and confidentiality in nurse/ child relationships. 
â?¢Differentiate between normal and abnormal physical findings. 
â?¢Serve as a child advocate. 
â?¢Participate in activities to manage a childâ??s illness. 
â?¢Analyse situations to anticipate pathological problems and detect changes in status. 
â?¢Administer medications using age â?? appropriate guidelines. 
â?¢Determine a childâ??s needs related to pain management. 
â?¢Evaluate a child for signs and symptoms of abuse. 
â?¢Breastfeeding support and assistance 
â?¢Bottle preparation, sterilization and feedings 
â?¢Guidance and education for parents to care for their new born baby 
â?¢Serves as a resource and guide for troubleshooting and parental concerns
â?¢Focused and professional care for the new born baby 

Salary Offered - 6500Dhs - 7500Dhs with Overtime 
No of Positions - 30 
Gender - Female's Only 
Job Location - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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